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It is not uncommon for house purchasers to experience confusion when attempting to choose between Exec Condominiums (ECs) as well as private condos. Afterall, the two property kinds are extremely similar.
In this collection of 3 articles, we seek to unravel the confusion surrounding ECs as well as Condominiums by contrasting them in three facets– financial investment possibilities, rental revenue potential, as well as possession considerations.

In this initial article of the series, we discover the investment chances offered by both building kinds.

For those well-informed, the acquisition of an item of home indicates more than simply acquiring a home; factor to consider should additionally be given to the investment opportunities supplied by the residential property in the long run.

When it pertains to the rois, Exec Condominiums (ECs) could command prices that equal that of the mass market condominiums in the resale market. As a matter of fact, the resale price space between ECs and condos has narrowed from 20% to 25%, to 17.2%.

Additionally, the rates of ECs have shown a favorable pattern, climbing steadily by 10% to 20% in the previous 2 years alone. This is a sure sign of a durable resale market, with possible profits to be gained.

Although as a brief monitoring, this could all point to ECs as the far better building kind for investment, Getty Goh, director of Ascendant Properties, a property research and also financial investment consultancy, thinks that apartments have their plus factors, too.

” One of the highest profit produced a condo transaction was $12,700,000 at Ardmore Park whereas among the greatest profit created an EC unit was S$ 980,730 at Bishan Loft space. Both systems were sold in 2010. In sight of this, the upside potential between condos as well as ECs can be fairly different,” he pointed out.

Upside possible is the quantity by which industry insiders anticipate a building’s price to enhance. Although ECs units have been recognized to see a massive gratitude in cost after the Minimum Profession Period (MOP) of 5 years, condominiums, in general, still have greater upside possibility.

The area, which is usually a vital factor in identifying selling price, have to likewise be considered. “There are condos all throughout Singapore (consisting of prime locations like Area 9 as well as 10). In comparison, ECs are just situated in the outskirts (suburbs) of Singapore,” Goh described.

Another difference between condominiums and also ECs is the leasehold duration. Many apartment developments are freehold while all ECs have a 99-year leasehold. Years later on, these ECs will deal with the opportunity of cumulative sales. Relying on the marketplace situation as well as settlement, this might be a boon or a scourge. You can also checkout executive condo.

According to Getty, this might be even more of an advantage as “enblocs are generally deemed as a favorable point due to the monetary windfall many proprietors will potentially stand to get.”

Nonetheless, ought to an en bloc not happen, financiers may find themselves in a sticky situation. Older properties near completion of their leasehold periods usually have problems drawing in customers. This is where the freehold lease of condominiums comes to be a substantial advantage– they do better in the resale market.

One more reason that makes ECs inadequate investment choices are the constraints positioned on them. No cash could be made from ECs during the first 5 years due to the MOP. These devices could be offered after the SPONGE is up, but also after that, it’s only to Singapore residents or permanent citizens. Courting foreign buyers will need to wait till the property is a years old, when all limitations are raised as well as the device becomes privatised. In comparison, condominiums deal with no such constraints.

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